User Research Playbook for Notion (B2B edition)

Fernando Cordeiro
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I was a Product Manager with years of experience in the B2C space by the time I started my own company. Back then, I thought I knew all about product discovery and delivery. Boy, how wrong I was!

Why did I create this?

I quickly found out that B2B is a whole different ball game. And talking to users about a product that's just starting is nothing like the product discovery for an already established product.

I’m naturally an introvert. I had no product-market fit. I asked all the wrong questions. I wasted months building the wrong things. Reality punched me in the face, hard. So I went back to the books. Great books like The Mom Test and Deploy Empathy helped me get a foothold in this world. Eventually, I mixed all my learnings, to create this framework.

It was like night and day. My product moved faster, I discarded assumptions without building anything, and better yet: when the time came to ship it, I already had clients in line!

If you are already using Notion, following this framework will help you move faster toward product-market fit. If you apply it diligently, you’ll fail faster so you can reach success faster too.

Problems you might be facing:

  • I don't know what users want
  • I’m building the features users ask me for... and still, they don't buy my product
  • Users say they love my product, but never actually test them
  • Talking to users is hard and I don’t know where to begin
  • How do I know when to pivot?
  • How do I know if I’m talking to the right people?
  • How do I discover my ideal customer?

What you'll learn:

  • How to break the product-market fit problem into hypotheses to test
  • How to drive your user interviews to uncover real learnings
  • When to pivot your product/feature and how
  • How to talk to users to avoid “fluff” and empty promises
  • How to treat customers who say “no” to you as a win

How the playbook works

  1. First, you read the content within to understand why and how to talk to users, and what to expect from the B2B sales funnel.
  2. Then it's time for action: we decompose your Problem, Customer, and Solution hypothesis. We will achieve Product-Market fit when we can validate all three of those.
  3. Next, we lay out the assumptions that support those hypotheses. This will guide our user interviews. The experimentation planner helps you plot out each step so that you are on track all the time.
  4. You will start talking to users and use the user session tracker board to document your learnings. We also have some Interview Scripts in order to make your life easier. You may pivot and change your hypotheses, but the learnings endure.
  5. As you refine who your customer is and what problem they need to solve, your research participants will transition to leads. At that point, your meetings will no longer research-driven. Instead, you are likely to be presenting your solution to different people inside their organization. You will use the sales pipeline board to track your progress on closing that account.

Include access to:

  • 12-page Notion template, containing:
    • How to do product discovery
    • How to talk to users (and how not to)
    • 4 Interview scripts
    • Experimentation planner to drive your product discovery strategy
    • User session tracker for your user research and learnings
    • Sales pipeline for you to use as you transition user sessions to leads and finally to paying customers.
    • Bonus sections on B2B sales procedures and roles
  • Lifetime access
  • Free future updates on Notion templates, notified via email
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User Research Playbook for Notion (B2B edition)

2 ratings
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